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C O U R T FEES—continued.
A U T H O E I T Y .
Ilams and orders regarding inheritance, 1± per cent, on value of the inheritance. Law No. 13 of 1898.
Order appointing Yekil in the matter of real property, 3s.
For wills drawn up before the Sheri Court. 20 per 1,000 on amount mentioned in will.
For Hodjets proving the will, after deduction of one-third of tbe succession received by
executor, 2i per cent, on the remainder, but if the third has been disposed of, -10 piastres only
is taken.
O n sales, 20 per 1,000 ou valne ; on declarations of mortgage, etc.. 10 per 1,000 on value.
Hodjets for division of real property, Vakouf, Mulk or Arazi 15 per 1,000 on value of same.
Hodjets for sale or disposal of property of insane people and minora, 15 per 1000 on
O n Vakfieh prepared in the Sheri Court, 21 per cent, on the value of the object made ' Law of 16 Sefer, 1276,
Vakouf up to 20,000 piastres ; bevond this sum -V per cent.; one-third of the fee so taken will ^.Destour Vol. I., p. 301.
belong to Clerk and Registrar.
L«S* Ott.,Vo.. IL, p. 330.
For Ilams changing Vakoufs from Idjare-i-Vahide to Idjaretein, 2_ per cent, on the
Mouadjeie. A n d for exchanging Vaqf property with Mulk, 2k per cent.
For H a m s for the appointment of Muderris, Sheik, Imam, Khatib, Mouezzin, Devri-
K h a n and such like offices, from 25 to 200 piastres, discretionary with Cadi.
For Ilams of appointment as Mntavelli. Zaviedar, Mezrandar. Malikhani': and such like
appointments, a fee not exceeding 25 |>er cent, oi the yearly personal profit by the appointment.
For documents containing information respecting appointments, etc., an office fee
(Kalemie) not exceeding 50 piastres.
For an extract or a copy of an Ilam, Hodjet. Vakfieh, or other document, where the copy ]
does not exceed 130 words ls. and for every additional 100 words or part thereof licp.
For making an inventory of the estate of a deceased Moslem who has died leaving heirs f
Law 2fn
under disability 2.V per cent, upon the nett value of the immoveable property which forms the \
•hare of each heir under disability.
For an order appointing guardian of minors, their subsistence, certificates of majority»
etc., 10 to HO piastres according to the case as *•* Kalemie"' and " Ka'idic."
For an onier for the loan of properties of orphans or of the Evcaf. 1 per c-nt. on the j
amount : on renewing the order. -V per cent.
O n examination and revision of the accounts of estates of minors, •.•very tiiree years or at
longer intervals, if a surplus has accrued. 25 per 1.000 on the surplus after tiie deduction of all
expenses. If the examination is m a d e after one year, one-third of the lev and two-thirds if the
examination is m a d e after two vears. If there *.» nu surplus then a fee is taken ao * Kalemie'' . J***
w oi
*,}•-.Set"- *•'*-•
\ Destour \ ol. I., p. 301,
as follows :-
0tt Voi n
If the capita! does not exceed—
' etteq.
10.000 piastres - - - - - - in piastres
30.000 piastres - - - - -
20 piastres
and 10 piastres for each 20.000 up to 150,000 piastres.
Above 150.000 piastres - -
- - - 150 piastres
For inventories of properties of lost people, lunatics and old people in dotage 1 per cent.
on the value of the same.
Marriage 'license for spinsters. 10 piastres, for widows - - - 5 piastres.
I L a w of 12 Moubarrem.
128C. Destour Vol. I.,
p. 364.
I. Upon effecting d) an Original registration, or (2) a registration of tide by Prescription :—
(MI. Of a grant of Mevat - - - 6cp. registration fee. * {.see Head VII.) >
(b). Of Arazi-Mirie j Less than 10 years occupation
The value of the land. • ( J»JJ£
^ ^ ^ J *
or \
. .
... , * (2-V per cent, of the vaiue of ( rw-our T n' "0" ami
Arazi-Mevcoufe j Occupation of 10 years *t upwards { - ^
J S w T o . V i
f {.%
I Of a value less than 5,000 piastres j
^S vTl)* ^^
,_ n * ~ * * w r ) Of a value from 5,000 to 10.000 „ 5 piastres!' * '
( U-l^ xx .^Z^m'^
(ct. Of Mrf-Mul*-*. <
For each furthe
10 Q 0 0 piastrcs
. /
S O J . O Ue-*mr III.. P*
/ or part thereof up to 100,000 piastres J ° P
^ Of a value exceeding 100,000 „ 100 piastres. •
(d). O n conversion )
f I.
f 2b liamnisn.
of Idjare-Vahide >
. . .
* (sie Head VII.) I 12s: OSG-n. Oestour I.,
into Idjaretein J
j P-*•••'*•
In tbe case of Mevcoufe properties, e.g., Arazi Mevcoufe. Idjan
-valiide an,I Mussakatat and Mustes*h»ii*.t iu Idjaretein, 6 per cent, of
the feei other than registration jjoei to Government aad the balance to the Evc;.f Department, while the whole of the re-jitstrauon fee of
Sep. goe* to Govemmeat.