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(2). Gunpowder, Shot, Percussion Caps, Cartridges (ball and shot) Dynamite, Nitro–
glycerine. Gun-cotton, Blasting powder, Fulminate of Mercury or other metals, and
every other substance or preparation used or manufactured for explosive or pyro–
technic purposes, Fog signals, Rockets, Fireworks, Fuzes, Detonators and Ammunitiou
of all descriptions, including empty cartridge cases, m a y be imported at the Port
of Famagusta by such person or persons as may be authorised in that behalf by
special permission of the High Commissioner given under the hand of the Chief
Secretary to Government, and subject to such limitations as to quantity as the High
Commissioner may see fit to impose; aud upon such importation the said articles
shall be landed at such place and in such manner as the Commissioner and Principal
Onicer of Customs of the District of Famagusta shall appoint (a).
(6). The landing in Cyprus of cattle, horns, hoofs, bones, fodder, litter or dung from
vessels arriving from places where cattle disease has beeu publicly notified to exist,
is prohibited.
(7). The importation of hides and skins is restricted to the port of Larnaca (except in
cases where special permission under the hand of the Chief Medical Officer has been
obtained to import them at some other place) and snch importation shall, in all cases,
be subject to the regulations iu that behalf for the time being in force under L a w 4 of
(8). The importation of rags and old clothing into any port or place of the Island of
Cyprus, other than Larnaca. is prohibited, and such importation is liable to be
prohibited in any case in which the Chief Medical Officer or any Officer acting for or
delegated by him certifies that the importation of rags or old clothing is likely to be
injurious to the public health.
The importation into the Island of old or used clothes for the purposes of 3ale or
oommerce is absolutely prohibited.
The importation of saccharine is prohibited uiccpt in small quantities not exceeding 2!bs.
and then only with the permission of the Chief Medical Officer previously obtained in writing.
The importation of indecent or obscene prints, printings, photographs, books, cards, litho–
graphic or other engravings, or any other indecent or obscene articles is prohibited.
The iinj-oriutio.*: of waste or refuse <>f cotton wool known as
All fruit.-* an.": veiretables *7*) in a raw state,
whether fresh or dried.
All trees and plant-* and every living part of a tree
or plant including seeds (save dry seeds, other than
cotton seed <>,, properly cleaned from the husks).
Allflower;,cut or otherwise.
All dried plants and flowers.
Staves which have besu used for vine
similar purposes.
All binding which iias been used for vines or other
Earth and gravel, leaf and garden mould.
All animal and vegetable manures, except guano.
bone dust and other fossil or chemically prepared
Hay and straw, compressed or otherwise («*).
The importation of uuroasted ground nuts is absolutely prohibited.
Order in Council No.
-11*5 published in Gazette
No. 858 of 29th June.
is absoiutelv
Importation prohibited from Algeria,
Asia Minor. Australia, Austria, Bulga–
ria, Cape Colony, Egypt. France, Ger-
props or i many, Greece. Hungary. Italy, Mexico,
[Portugal, Roumania. Russia, Samos,
Servia, Spain, Switzerland. Syria,
Tunis, Turkey in Europe, L'nited
States of America.
Order in Council No.
241 of ISth February,
IS95, under Sec. S of
L a w No. 22, 189S. com–
bined with L a w No. 28,
Order in Conncil Ko.
374 published in Gazette
No. 774 of 30th Novem–
ber. 1903.
Order in Council No.
366 published in Gazette
No. 756 of 27th March,
Onier in Council No.
390 published in Gazette
No. S14 of 27th January,
Oilier in Council No.
44.j puuiisned in Gazette
No. 920. p. 6528.
' Order in Council No.
66S published in Gazette
No. 1226, or I'Jth May,
Order in Council No.
703 of llth May. 1917,
Gazette No. 1282 of 18th
Mav, 1917.
(a) P':-rmi-.«:ijii ha- uoon given ro Nobel's Explosive Company, Glasgow, to import and store in two specially constructed Magazines,
North of Famairust:*.. any ouantity of above Explosives, n. <*. in weight !•" tons, exclusive of detonator!., safety fuze, sporting cartridges,
and other accessaries such as cables and batteries. (Order of Hi!**h Commissioner of 2Sth August. 1906. CS. 1S73/04.)
N.B.—Tbe N"ii*i'< Explosive Company pay a rental of £,(i on lst Autru.-t each year in ••rder to meet expenses in connection with
guarding (Art. 1. Arrreunivnt of lMh May. '1905'. (.'.*;. 1873/04.)
(£) Potatoes for see-1 purposes mav be imported at Larnaca and Famagusta. Order in Council No. 654 of 25th February, 1916.
(e) The importation of cotton seed from anr country shall be permitted only if such cot ton seed is accompanied by a Declaration
and Certificate in the prescribed form shewing the place of origin ami declaring it free from Phylloxera. Mealy Bug (Crossotuaoma
Aeryptiacum). the I.«ser Cotton W o r m (Aletia iuriduia). Boll Weevil (Anthonomus crrandis). Colorado Beetle. Pink Cotton Boll Worm
(Gelechia Gossy Pici!a). and such other disease as m a y be notified in the Ct/j/rn* Gazette.
(<f) Grass, leaves or otber vegetable matter used as packing for goods imported from any of above places shall be destroyed at the
Custom House at tii» port of arrival : except when such packing is in tho form of manufactured wrappers of dry straw, which may be
admitted. Tbe importation of hay and straw, compressed or otherwise, from other countries shall be permitted only if such hay or straw
is accompanied by a Declaration or Certificate in m e prescribed form shewing the place of origin and declaring it free from Phylloxera,
Mea'.T Bug (Crossotosoma Aegyptiacum), the Lesser Cotton W o r m (Aletia lufidula). Boll Weevil (Anthonomus grandis), Colorado Beetle,
Pink'Cottot-. Bod Worrr (Gelechia Gossy Piella), and such other disease as may be notified in the Cyprus Gazette.