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(Destitute, criminal and vicious}.—Landing prohibited, unless security given for
or for deportation. Gazette GU2, p. S6S7, year
C S . Circular No.
4123/06 of U t h February, 1907.
LEPERS.—Landing prohibited; but Chief Medical Officer may grant special permission for
natives of the Island to land.
TOBACCO.—Importation prohibited, except under permit from High Commissioner, if in packages
weighing less than 20 okes each and br ships of less than 60 tons burden, sec. 26, L a w
24 of 1879. (a)
Doss.—The landing in Cyprus of dogs from any port, whether a foreign or a Cyprus port,
is prohibited.
The importation into the Island of the under-mentioned goods articles and merchandise
is prohibited absolutely:
(1). Silver or copper coins.
(2). Beshliks. altiliks or metallique piastres.
(3). All sovereigns and half sovereigns coined before the reign of Her late Most
Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria.
(4). All sovereigns and half sovereigns which are below the least current weight as
defined in " T h e Coinage Act, 1870," or are otherwise not legally current in England.
(5). The substance known as Hashish.
(6). Salt other than table and rock salt.
Tbe importation of the under-mentioned goods, articles and merchandise is subject to the
following restrictions :
(1). The importation into the Island of fire-arms, detached portions of fire-arms aud
side-arms is prohibited except—
(a.) at the ports of Larnaca. Limassoi and Famagusta, and
(J.) without a special license under the hand of the Chief Secretarv issued under
L a w 24 of 1S79, Sec. 30.
^2). The importation of gunpowder i.except for the use of his Majesty's Naval and
Military forces) is prohibited except—
(«.) at the ports of Larnaca and Limassoi (for Famagnsta see (2) below).
(i.) in kegs or barrels of a capacity not exceeding ten okes or in flasks of 1 lb. or of
•5 lb. except where the High Commissioner has by special permission authorised
the importation in some other manner.
(3). The importation of shot, percussion caps, cartridges (other than ball cartridges) *
and side-arms is restricted to the ports of Larnaca, Limassoi and Famagusta.
(4). The importation of ball cartridges or of ball cartridge-cases except for the use of
His Majesty's Naval and Military forces is prohibited, except—
(rt.) at the ports of Larnaca, Limassoi and Famagusta, and
(i.) with the special permission of the High Commissioner.
(5). (1). The importation of dynamite, nitroglycerine, gun-cotton, fulminate of mercury
or of other metals or of any kindred substance is prohibited—
(rt.) except at the port of Larnaca (for Famagusta see (2) below), and
(b.) with the special permission of the High Commissioner, such permission being
in writimr under the hand of tlie Chief Secretary to Government and subject to
snch conditions as the High Commissioner, m a y thinkfitto impose.
Law No. .1 of 1SS2.
Gazette No. 705, p. 4576.
Gazette No. 1384 of
27th June, 1919.
Order of High Cona-
m wsi oner in Conned
published in Gazette No.
692 of lst March, 1901.
Order of High Com-
miMioner in Council
published in Gazette No.
692 of lst March. 1901,
, and No. 343 of 12th
January. 1906,an. I Order
j of High Commissioner in
I Council No. 428 Dub. in
f Gazette No. 901 of 15th
November. 1907.
Order in Conncil No.
50S published in Gazette
No. 1036 of 15th March,
C («) Order of High Com–
missioner in Council No.
359 published in Gasette
N'o. 738 of 29th August.
(I) Order in Council No.
407 published in Gazette
No. 643 of 12th January,
Order in Conncil No.
517 published in Gazette
No. 1035 of lst March,
(a) Tobacco mav, however, be imported by parcel post in small quantities on payment of an additional duty of 4i<*j». per oke. or
fraction of an oke. Gazette 699 of 2">th May. 19ol. page 449S. If otherwise imported than iaroueh the Parcel Post 'under special permis–
sion from the Hi?b Commissioner in packages of less than 20 okes, there is payable in addition to the Customs duty a further import
duty of 1*. per oke. or fraction of an oke, Gazette 718 of 17th January, 1902, page 4694.