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Officers and national flags imported
I M P O R T DUTY—continued.
T A B L E O F EXEMPTIONS—continued.
5. Uniforms of Public Officers and professional robes of Le^al or Judicial Officers in the
employment of His Majescy's Oovernraenc, provided that such uniforms or robes are introduced
for the personal use only of such officers, and have been duly authorised.
6. Professional robes of Advocates entitled to practise in Cyprus.
7. Authorised uniforms of Foreign Consuls and Consular
for their use.
Authorised uniforms of any Foreign Government to be worn by persons entitled to wear them.
Government medals and decorations to be worn by persons resident in Cyprus.
3. Fire-arms for the personal use of Officers of His Majescy's Naval and Military Forces
serving in Cyprus.
9. Paving stones imported by Municipal Councils in the Island to be used for the paving
of streets within the Municipal limits, and duly certified as so imported by the President and
Cashier of any Municipal Council.
IU. Street lamps and theirfittingsimported by Municipal Councils in the Island to be used
in the lighting of Streets wichin the Municipal limits, and duly certified as AO imported by the
President and the Cashier of any Municipal Council.
11. Casks and vats, and staves and hoops for use iu constructing catties and vats.
12. Microscopes and all microscopical and other apparatus or appliances for purposes of
scientific investigation and research.
lo. Gymnastic apparatus, mathematical and generally all other instruments used in schools
for educational purposes, which are imported for the use of schools.
14. Animals and livestock, atlases and maps, anchors and chains (ships'), bark, boats,
charcoal, church furniture, aud articles intended to be used in the building andfittingup of
i*hn relies and mosques, and vestments and other articles necessarily used for religious services
and certified to be so intended or used, as the case may be, by the proper ecclesiastical
authority, empty casks, fresh tish. gold bullion and specie, ice. iime. medicines and medical
appliances, pitch and tar. printed books, sawdust, silk-worms' eggs, sponges taken by licensed
boats, printing paper, whether white or coloured, printing ink, printers' type, and printing
materials, sulphur, chopped straw, cotton seed, fodder for cattle, and all mechanical appliances
for use in manufacture aud examination of wine • sulphur syringes, tombstones and memorial
tablets, and tools and implements used in handicrafts.
15. Machinery and parts of machinery aud their fittings, connections and gearing, windmills
and ocher apparatus for raising water, winnowing, threshing, and other machines, tools and imple–
ments used in agriculture, their parts, connections and gearin-rs,chemical manures and fertilisers.
10. The 'lorernor mav in certain cases order admission free of dutv of <joods sent for use in
Consular Offices.
17. Demijohns scaled on exportation m a y he admitted duty free on re-importation after identifi–
cation ; hospital appliances or equipment certified under the hand of the Director of Health to
be imported for the use of any hospital ; postage stamps—used or unused—other than those of
Cyprus; empty cardboard boxes and labels whicli the Comptroller of Customs is satisfied are
for use in connection with the raising of silk-worm eggs in Cyprus; pig iron: dutiable articles and
articles sent away for the purpose of alteration or repair provided (I) that by such alteration or
repair the spceitie identity of the article in question lias not hi-en substantially lo*c, (2^ that prior to
exnoration such articles
have Ix-en nr-«<iiiced to the Custom.** for *.h** purpose or' identi–
fication on re-importation, f.3 • or that the Comptroller of Customs is satisfied that
the same : disinfectants and insecticides: bona fid* baggage belonginir to and accompanying i
passenger, or arrival"* wichin two months prior to or afcer che arrival of 3uch passenger ; resin;
crude petroleum when imported as fuel for oil engines ; appliances and equipment for auy Muni–
cipal Poo r-i io use certified by the Commissioner of che District as specially imported for the purpose.
18. Flax seed.
19. Seeds for sowing purposes (including seed-potatoes, bulbs, plants and cuttings).
20. Accessories for Municipal Slaughter Houses.
21. T h e undermf'ntioned tanning extracts or chemical substances, for a period of five
vears from the 10th February. 1928, which have been imported into the Colonv for the
purpose only of being used for tanning:
la) Ka.stanenn, extract dry and liquid.
'b) Quebracho
In Oak
i) Myrobalan
(••). Fichte
22. Hid.-s and Skins, raw, or i period of two years from the ht March, 1929.
23. Iron piping.
24. Citric acid.
25. Metabisulphate.
20. Carobs imported under license of the Comptroller of Customs.
27. Silk-cocoons (from 2nd September, 1929, to 31st March, 1930.)
2S. Mining lamps.
29. Mining hats.
30. Mining caps.
31. Dairy appliances and equipment, including containers and packages used in the
distribution of milk a n d milk products.
32. Binder twine for agricultural purposes.
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