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Ori-po-tl Debt
Amoant rrpaiil
Amount oatau.adint>
nt en'i of yc»r
umler Rcvie***
To w h o m <lue
£60.000 £25,553 8s. 5d.
£34,441 lis. 7d ImDerial Treasury 3 per cent.
and 1 per
Imperial Treasury 3-^ per cent.
NOTE.—Under an Annex to the Convention of 4th June, 1878, between Great
Britain and Turkey the former Power undertook to pay to the Porte annuallv
a sum representing the excess of Revenue over Expenditure calculated on the
average of the five years preceding the date of rhe Convention, excluding rhe
produce of State aud Crown lands let or sold during that period. The amount to
be paid was determined to be £57,686 per annum ; this to be in addition to
4.166.220 okes of Salt to be paid in kind.
The sum of £113 lis. 3d. per annum also became payable, under
the same Annex, since the 4th September. 1884, when the Cyprus Government
took over the administration of the Lighthouse Service in the Island. This sum
represents 22°'„ of rhe receipts of the Ottoman Lighthouse Administration which
the Sublime Porte enjoyed under the concession granted the Company for
ighting the Coast of Cyprus.
By a further Agreement of 3rd Februarv. 1879, a further sum of £5,000
4 •
was to be paid annually to the Porte in respect of the produce of State lands.