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PARCEL POST.—continued.
For the delivery of parcels in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Egypt, by
-special messenger immediately after arrival: —
Fee payable per parcel.. .. .. .. .. .. ..
For the delivery of parcels in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Egypt free
-of any charges.
Fee payable per parcel
The '* Remboursement" system is designed to meet the requirements of persons who
-wish to pay for articles sent to them at the time ofreceiptof the articles aad also to meet the
requirements of traders and others who wish to recover through the agency of the Post Office the
value of articles sapplied by them.
Throughout these Regulations the amount to be collected under the " Remboorsement"
system is called the
Trade Charge."
The amount of Trade Charge shall not exceed the limits accepted by the country of
destination and the maximum shall in no case exceed £40 including the feet payable at the Office
of Origin and postage.
Remboorsement Parcel" posted or delivered in Cyprus shall be chargeable
with such special fees as may be prescribed for that purpose.
The fees payable at the office of origin will be collected at the time of posting; and
should be included by the sender in the amount required to be collected from the addressee.
The full amoant so collected is remitted to the sender of the parcel by means of Trade Charge
Money Orders.
Remboursemenc parcels may be posted at the Post Offices at Amiandos, Famagusta,
Kilani, Kyrenia, Larnaca, Lefka, Lefkara, Lefkoniko, Limassoi, Morphou, Nicosia, Paphos,
Polis and Rizokarpaso, and at Pedoulas Platres and Troodos, during the summer season.
The sender of a parcel posted under the Remboursement system may not have the amount
of the Trade Charge cancelled or reduced after posting.
If a Remboursement parcel which bears one address only is not claimed by the addressee
within a period of 15 days, the parcel will be treated as undeliverable. If a Remboorsement
parcel bearing two addresses is not claimed by thefirstaddressee within a period of 8 days, the
parcel will be held at the disposal of the second addressee for a further period of 7 days and if
then unclaimed will be treated as undeliverable.
For each Remboursement parcel posted in Cyprus, in addition to the usual postage and
insurance or other fees, a fee of 2cp.
For each £1 or fraction of £1 on the valne of the Trade Charge of each parcel posted
in Cyprus, a Remboursement fee of 2cp.
For each Remboursement parcel delivered in Cyprus a Delivery fee of 4^-cp.
Parcels and boxes for Great Britain, certain British Possessions and Foreign
Countries can be insured, subject to a limit of insured value and the Postal Insurance
Regulations, 1925, at the Post Offices at Famagusta, Kyrenia, Larnaca, Limassoi,
Nicosia, Paphos. Pedoulas, Platres and Troodos.
The limit of insured value on parcels and boxes addressed to Great Britain is £120 ;
-and £50 in the case of Egypt.
The fees payable on parcels and boxes for countries to which the system of insurance
-extends are:'—
For parcels—
T o effect an insurance of a sum not exceeding £12
Order of Officer A.lmi-
nimerini* the Govern–
ment in Council No lUt>8
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Notice No. 82 published
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18th February, 1921.
For every additional £12 or fraction thereof
For b o x e s —
A postage rate of 2cp. for every 2 oz. with a m i n i m u m charge of .. lOcp.
L^anwfee for every £12 or fraction of that amount of the sum assured 2cp.
The insurance fee must be pre-paid in addition to the fall postage.
T h e amount of compensation payable for the toss or damage of an insured parcel or
" b o x , " its contents, will not exceed the amount of the actual loss or damage and will m
-no ease exceed the m a x i m u m s u m of insurance admitted b y the country of destination.
Tparc^conteining JeweUery if addressed to a Bntish Possesion or Foreign Country
-must be insured f o T a / m u c h of the journey as the regulations permit, and for at least
^Parce1sTontaining coin cannot be accepted for transmission by parcel post even if
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