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XVIII. O n what conditions are remissions of im–
prisonment granted ?
Prisoners of good behaviour and industrious in labo
sentenced to not less than two years are, if males, aft
three-fourths, or, if females, after two-thirds of th<
term of imprisonment has expired, recommended to tl
Governor for remission of their sentence, with,
without, Ticket of Leave.
X I X . Have Coroner's Inquests been held on every
occasion of a death in prison during the past year T
and what **ere the verdicts ?
There was only one death in Prison during the pa
year, and that was the result of execution. N o inque
was held, but the Medical Officer certified that deal
was due to dislocation of the vertebrae.
X X . 1. W h a t was the sanitary state of the prisons
daring the year .
Central Prison, Nicosia
Very good.
2. W h a t were the prevailing diseases ?
Rheumatism, malarial fever, diarrhoea, diseases of ti
digestive and respiratory system, influenza, dysenterj
dyspepsia, diseases of skin, syphilis, constipatioi
hernia, colic, anaemia, bronchial catarrh, debility.
X X I . W h a t are, shortly, the roles as to Diet 1
Extra Diet allowed to prisoners earning and
keeping 1 or 2 Badges.
Sunday ..
Tuesday ..
Friday ...
25 drams Olives.
30 drams Bulgur.
10 drams Olive-oil.
1 cup Turkish Coffee.
1 mug of Tea.
2 days
3 days
1 daj
1 daj
250 drams Bread
25 „ Cheese
250 „ Bread
60 „ Fresh Vegetables
10 „ Oil
250 „ Bread
75 „ Cooked meat free of bone
50 „ Bice before being* cooked
250 „ Bread
50 „ Bulgur or Bakla
10 „ Oil
The same as Dietary No. 1 with the addition of 50 drams of
Bread for each conrict.
D I E T _ * T No. S.
Daily 250 drams of Bread,
One day 40 drams olives,
next day 60 drams fresh Vegetables as directed in Dietary No. 1.
DlETABT No. 4.
Punishment diet for all prisoners.
I 200 drams Bread
| Water, Unlimited
In addition to abore, fresh fruit in limited quantities may he
supplied when so ordered by the Medical Officer of the Prison ;
also extra diet of 40 drains olives and 40 drams raisins are
supplied once a w«ek, i-t-, raisins on Tuesdays and olirea on
Saturdays to all long sentence male and female prisoners during
the months when no fruit is eiyen.