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It is laid down in the Instructions under tbe Royal Sign Manual and Signet, dated the 10th March, 1925, that tb.**r
Executive Council of the Colony shall, save as thereinafter provided, consist of 3uch persons not exceeding four, holding;
public offices within the Colony as the Governor may by an Instrument or Instruments made in His Majesty's
name and under the Public Seal of the Colony, constitute and appoint to be Members thereof. Whenever any such
Member shall die, or resign his seat in the said Council, or he absent from the Colony, or be lawfully suspended from his
office, or become from any cause incapable of discharging the duties thereof, the Governor may by any such
Instrument as aforesaid nominate any other person w h o m he shall think fit. being within the Colony,.totillany such
In addition to the Members appointed under the preceding clause the Governor may by an Instrument
made in His Majesty's name and under che Public Seal of the Colony, appoint any fit persons residing in che
Colony, not exceeding three in number at any one time, to he Members of the said Executive Council, and summon such
Additional Members to the meetings of the said Executire Council ou auy occasion on which he shall think it desirable
to obtain their advice.
Provided chat meetings of the said Executive Council shall be held Co be duly constituted notwithstanding that the
said Additional Members may not have been summoned thereto.
If anv elected Member of the Legislative Council of the Colony be appointed an Addicionai Member of the said
Execucive Council he shall cease to be such Addicionai Member as soon as he ceases to be a Member of the Legislative
Council, and if any person who is not an elected Member of che Legislative Council be appointed to be an Additional
Member of the Executive Council he sh^ll vacate his seat as 3uch Additional Member at the end of three years from tha
date of tiie instrument hy which he is appointed.