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D o o s . — T h e importation of dogs other than those imported direct from the United K i n g d o m
without transhipment is prohibited.
Dogs imported direct from the United K i n g d o m without transhipment m a y only
be landed at the ports ot Famagusta, Larnaca and Limassoi and are subject to four
months quarantine on arrival in Cyprus. T h e Customs Authorities require satis–
factory proof of place of origin and course of shipment of every dog imported in the
form prescribed by the regulations.
The importation into the Island of the under-mencioned goods, articles and merchandise
is prohibited absolutely:
(1). Silver or copper coins.
(2). Beshliks, altiliks or mecallique piastres.
(3). All sovereigns and half sovereigns coined before the reign of Her late Most
Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria.
(4). All sovereigns and half sovereigns which are below the lease currenc weight as
defined in " T h e Coinage Ace. 1370," or are otherwise not legally currenc in England.
(5). The substance Known as Hashish.
(6). Salt other than table and rock salt.
The importation of the under-mentioned goods, arcicles and merchandise it subject to the *
following restrictions :
(1). The importation into tiie Island of fire-arms, detached porcions offire-armsand
side-arma is prohibited except—
(a.) ac the ports of T.arnaca. Limassoi and Famagusta, and
(0.) without a special license issued by the Comptroller of Cuscoms under Law 24 of
1879. Sec. 30, as amended by Law 9 of 1927 and L a w 12 of 1927.
(2). The importation of gunpowder (except for the use of his Majescy's Naval and
Military forces*> is prohibited except—
(a.) at the ports of Larnaca and Limaasol (for Famagusta see (5) (2) below 1.
(b.) in kegs or barrels of a capacity noe exceeding cen okes or in rlasks of 1 lb. or of
- lb. excepc where the Governor has by special permission authorised the
importation in some other manner.
(3). The importation of shoe, percussion caps, carcridges (ocher chan ball cartridges)
and side-arms is restricted co cue ports of Larnaca, Limassoi and Famagusta.
(4). The importation of ball cartridges or of ball cartridge-cases except for the use of
His Majesty's Naval and Military forces is prohibited, excepc—
(a.) at thl ports of Larnaca. Limassoi and
ib.) with tiie special permission of che 'lovurnor (for Famagusta sue (ii) (2) below.".
'1). The importation of dynamite, nitroglycerine, gun-cotton, fulminate of *;• ••.Mxxrj
or of other metals or of any kindred substance is prohibited—
(a.) except at die pore of Larnaca (for Famagusta see t 2) below), and
(b.) with the special permission of tiie Governor, such permission beins* in writing
under the hand of the Colonial >*icretary and subject to such conditions as the
Governor mav thinkfitto imDose (/>'>.
2). Gunpowder, Ball Cartridges, Dynamite, Nitroglycerine. Gun-cotton. Blasting
powder. Fulminate of Mercury or other metals, and every other substance or prepara–
tion used or manufactured for explosive or pyrotechnic purposes. Fog signals. Rockets.
Fireworks. Fuzes. Detonators and Ammunition of all descriotions. including empty
ball cartridge cases, may be imported at the Port of Famagusta by snch person or
persons as may be authorised in chac behalf by sDecial permission of the Governor
given under Che hand of che Colonial Secretary and subject to sucn limitacions
as to quantity as the Governor may seefitto impose: and upon such importation
the said articles shall be landed at such place and in such manner as the Commissioner
and Principal Officer of Customs of the Discricc of Famagusca shall appoinc (a),(b).
(Z). Dynamite and other erplosive substances m a y be imported at the Port
of Lefka by such person or persons as m a y be authorized in that behalf by
special permission of. the Governor given under the hand of the Colonial
Secretary and subject to such limitations as to quantity or otherwise as the
Governor m a y see fit to impose ; and upon such importation the said articles
shall be landed at such place and in such manner as the Commissioner and
Principal Officer of Customs of the District of Nicosia 3hall appoint (6).
Regulations of the
25th Jan.. 1020, pub–
lished in Gas. No. 174
of the 20th Jan.. 1926.
as amended by Order
of the Governor dated
the 20th May, 1926.
published in Gaz. No.
1774 of 4th June. 1926.
and by Order of the
Officer Admit-ustering
the Government dated
the 12th Aug., 1926.
published in Gaz. N o .
179.3 of 20th /Log.,
Order of
High Con-
in Council
published in Gmtttts No.
i'J-Z ot Ut March. 1901.
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1036 oi lith Mar.. 1912.
and as further amended
bt* Order of Hi_*h Com–
missioner of 24th Dec.
1924. nnb. in Gazette So.
I6S.-S .jf 2nd Jan.. 1925.
and by Order in Council
So. 1225 >f 16th Feb..
1923. oublished in Gaz.
So. 1904 of 24 th Feb..
(a) Permission has been given to Nobel's Explosive Company, Glasgow, to import and store in two specially constructed Magazines
North of Famagusta. any quantity of above Explosives, not exceeding in weight 30 tons, exclusive of detonators, safety fuse, snorting
cartridges and other accessories such as cables and batteries. (Order of the High Commissioner of 23th August. 1906. C S . 1373/04, and
Indenture dated 13th April, 1926.)
N.B.—The Nobel's Explosive Company pay a rental of £6 on lst August each year in order to meet exDenses in connect,on with
guarding (Art. 1. Agreement of 13th May. 'l905", M.P. 1S73/04.)
l&) The importation into Cyprus of Blasting Powder is prohibited save under licence under tbe hand of the Comptroller of Customs
and Excise and subject to such terms and conditions as may be prescribed in such licence (Order in Council No. 1295, published
in Gazette No. 1977 of 12th April, 1929.)