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I M P O R T DUTY—m»ntinumd.
T A B L E O P E X E M P T I O N S .
i.—All goods imported for the Government of Cyprus to be used in the public service and
duly certified as so imported by the Chief Secretary to Government.
ii.—All Military Stores imported by His Majesty's War Department and duly certified as
such by the Officer to w h o m they are consigned.
iii.—All articles of Military equipment imported by and for the use of any Officer of His
Majesty's laud forces.
rv.—Goods and Stores of every description supplied under contract with His Majesty's War
Department for the public use of His Majesty's iand forces, duly certified as such by the principal
Commissariat Officer, such certificate to be countersigned by the Chief Secretary to Government.
v.—Uniforms of Public Officers and professional robes of Legal or Judicial Officers in the
employment of His Majesty's Government, provided that such uniforms or robes are introduced
for the personal use only of such .fficers, and have been duly authorised.
vi.—Professional robes of Advocates entitled to practise in Cyprus.
vii.—Authorised uniforms of Foreign Consuls and Consular Officers and national flan's
imported for their use.
Authorised uniforms of any Foreign Government to be worn by persons entitled to wear them.
Government medals and decorations to be worn by persons resident in Cyprus.
viii.—Fire-arms for the personal use of Officers of His Majesty's Naval and Military Forces
serving in Cyprus.
ix.—Paving stones imported by Municipal Councils in the Island to be used for the paving
of streets within the Municipal limits, and duly certified as so imported by the President and
Cashier of any Municipal CouncU
x.—Str»«;t lamps and their fittings imported by Municipal Councils in the Island to be used
in the lightinrz of Streets within the Municipal limits, and duly certified as so imported bv the
L'rcsideut and the Cashier of any Municipal Council.
ri.—Casks and vats, and staves and uoops for use in constructing casks and vats.
xii.—Microscopes and all microscopical and other apparatus or appliances for purposes of
scientific investigation and research.
xiii.—Gymnastic apparatus, mathematical and generally all other instruments used in schools
for educational purposes, which are imported for the use of schools.
xiv.—Animals and livestock, atlases and maps, anchors and chains Cships"), bark, boats.
charcoal, church furniture, aud articles intended to be used in the building andfittin-*-*uu of
churches and mosques, and vestments and other articles necessarily used for religious services
aud certified to be so intended or used, as the case may be, by the prorjer ecclesiastical
authority, coals, empty casks and sacks, fresh fish, gold bullion and specie, ice. lime, medicines
and medical appliances, pitch and tar. printed books, sawdust, silk-worms' etrgs, sponues taken
by licensed boats, stationery, printing paper, whether white or coloured, printing ink.
type, and printing materials, sulphur, wheat, barley, oats, vetches, flour, bran, chopped straw,
cotton seed, fodder for cattle, and all mechanical appliances for use in manufacture and
examination of wine *, sulphur syringes, tombstones and memorial tablets, aud tools and
implements used in agriculture and handicrafts.
xv.—Machinery and parts of Machinery and their fittings, connections and gearin*:.
The High Commissioner mav in certain cases order admission free of dutv of foods sent for
use in Consular Offices (Sec. 11 of L a w X X I I . of 1899).
Demijhons sealed on exportation may he re-admitted duty free after identification ; Hospital
appliances or equipment certified uuder the hand of the Chief Mcdieal Officer to be imported
for the use of any Hospital : Postage Stamps—used or unused—other than those of Cvprus •
Firewood; Empty cardboard boxes and labeis which the Chief Collector of Customs is satisfied
are for use in connection with the raising of silk-worm eggs iu Cyprus; Iron pipim.* which the
High Commissioner is satisfied is for work of public utility and imported by or on behalf of anv
Public. Municipal, or Local Body or Authority : All manure and fertilisers, guano, bonedust,
and all chemical manures and preparations to be used as manure ; Pig iron: Dutiable articles
and articles sent away for the purpose of alteration or repair provided : (1) that prior to
exportation such articles shall have been produced to the Customs for the purpose of identifica–
tion on re-importation, (2) or that the Chief Collector of Customs is satisfied that the articles
are the same, (3") and that the re- itr porta tion takes place within one year from the date of
exportation ; Disinfectants imported in bulk (i.r.. packages each weighing not less than !0 okes
or in drums each not less than five gallons): Bona litig baggage accorapanvinsr a passenirer or
following by vessel within two months ; Resin : Crude Petroleum when imported as Fuei D^r oil
engines ; Petrol and Benzine; Appliances and equipment for any Municipal Poor House
certified by Commissioner of the District as specially imported for "the purpose.
L a w
of 1899.
Orders in Council No.
>13 of 22nd Sept.. 1920.
published in Gazette So.
1450 of 22nd Sept.. 1920.
and "S".>. -r.'.S. (jazefte
No. 14?! if 10th June.