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T h e Municipal Council*! (or Commissions, as tho case may be) are charged with the geuerai superintendence and control
(excepting Police supervision) of the town, village or area denned as the Municipal limits, in manner regulated by various
enactments :—
Their duties include :—j
The construction and maintenance of streets, open spaces, public gardens, and plantations, sewers and drains, public
fountains, privies aud urinals. The lighting of the Municipal area. The cleaning of all streets aud open spaces, aud tiie
removal of night soil and refuse of houses. T h e provision *>f a good and sufficient supply of water for the use of persons dwell in*,'
within the Muuicipal limits. T h e provision of slaughter houses-aud the regulation of tin. siuujrhter of animals for food. T h e
establishment aud regulation of markets, and the regulation of tbe sale of perishable -_
ood.s and inflammable and explosive
substances. The inspection of food offered for sale and the destruction of sucu ;is is untit fur consumption. The supervision
of weights am! measnr.-s and the provision of public weighers and measurers. The prevention of noxious and offensive crud'-s
and the abatement of uuisanci-s. The regulation of the construction of buildings und the demolition of buildings untit for
habitation or iu a dangerous condition. The provision of storage accommodation for innammabie and explosive substances.
A n d generally the doing of such acts as will promote the health, comfort aud convenience oi the people residing within m e
Municipal limits. For these purposes the Municipalities have power, with tin.- approval of :ue High Commissioner, to im{*ose
rates aud other fees and charges as set out under •• .Sources of Revenue " and to make bye laws for regulating the various
matters coming within the scope of their functions.
Sources of Revenue :—
Rates on property within the Municipal limits, but, except in rare instances, such a rate has not been imposed, tees on u.e
slaughtering of animals, tolls and stallages in markets, rates ou trades aud professions weighing and measuring fees, fees for
storage of inflammable aud explosive substances, fees for building permits und legalization of coutracts, rents of Municipal
properties and lines and penalties from prosecutions under the Municipal Laws.