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G E N E R A L R E G U L A T I O N S — c o n t i n u e d .
4. Parcels shall not contain a letter, packet or parcel intended for delivery at an address
other than that borne on the parcel itself.
5. It is also prohibited to send to the United Eingdom foreign reprints of British registered
copyright works, false money, counterfeit, sterling and British silver coin below standard, tobacco
•talks, clocks, watches and metals generally bearing imitations of British assay marks or stamps.
The prohibitions as regards other countries are shewn in the Post Office Guide.
R E - D I R E C T I O N .
6. Parcels re-directed from one Post Office to another in Cyprus shall be liable to
additional postage at the full inland rate for each re-direction.
O R D A M A G E .
7. The Island Postmaster shall not be liable to make good any claim arising out of the loss,
damage or delay of parcels sent by post.
C U S T O M H O U S E D E C L A R A T I O N .
8. The sender of each parcel for abroad will be required to fill up a Custom House Declara–
tion Form. Upon this form must be given an accurate statement of the contents and vaiue,
date of posting, and the sender's signature and address.
C U S T O M S R E G U L A T I O N S .
9. Parcels on arrival here from Foreign Countries will be liable to examination by an
Officer of Customs, who will assess the amount of Customs dues to be charged thereon. The
Customs dues will be collected at the time of delivery, and no parcel can be delivered until the
Customs and all other charges are paid.
10. Parcels found to contain forbidden articles and parcels, the contents and value of which
have been falsely declared, may lie dealt with according to the laws on the subject. And
generally the senders of parcels, whether in Foreign Countries or Cyprus, will be required to
conform to the Customs aud other laws or regulations from time to time in force in respect of
such parcels.
U N D E L I V E R E D P A R C E L S .
11. A parcel from the United Kingdom and those countries which have adopted the
following arrangement, which bears one address only if not claimed by the addressee within a
period of 15 days will be treated as undeliverable, and will be either returned to the sender or
disposed of in accordance with the sender's wishes should such be inscribed on the parcel. If
the parcel bears two addresses, it will be held at the disposal of the first addressee for a period
of 8 days, and if not claimed will be held at the disposal of the second addressee for a further
7 days, and if then unclaimed will be treated as undeliverable.
" li. Parcels from other Countries will lie retained at the Post Office to which it is
addressed for a period not exceeding three months; but if possible the sender will be consulted
through the Postal office of origin, as to its disposal.
13. Parcels which cannot lie delivered, returned to the senders, or re-directed, and which
have thus become undeliverable, will eventually be returned to the country of origin.
14. Parcels liecoming offensive or injurious to any Officer of the Post Office or other person
or to other parcels will be disposed of as the Island Postmaster may direct.
D U T Y C O L L E C T I O N F E E .
A fee of 27*-. is charged by the Post Office in respect of each parcel delivered in Cyprus
upon which Customs dnties are collected.
1. If anv article of pecuniary value enclosed in or forming part of an insured parcel be lost
or damaged whilst in the custody of the Island Postmaster, the Islaud Postmaster may (subject
to the approval of the Hiirh Commissioner) pay to any person or persons who may in the opinion
of the Island Postmaster establish a reasonable claim to compensation, liaving regard to the value
of the article, the care with which it was packed and other circumstances, such sum in respect of
such parcel as he mav think just.
The Island Postmaster is not liable either personally or in his official capacity to any action
or other leal proceedim: in respect of or in consequence of the loss or damage of articles enclosed
in or forming part of any parcel. And, subject to the approval of the High Commissioner, the
decision of the Island Postmaster on all questions arising between him and any person claiming
payment in ivspjct of the loss or damage of any article enclosed in or forming part of a parcel
shall be final.
. .
•> \n amount not exceeding £12 mav be paid by way of compensation for the loss or
damalre of any parcel in respect of which uio sender has paid the sums hereinafter menr.-inne-l
in addition u»"tlrj iMwtaire payable thereon.
•} In R-spc'-t of -verv additional pavraent of the sums hereinafter mentioned which may be
paid as aforesaid cmpjiisition to an additional amount of £ 12 may be paid ; provided that the
amount of <**)-..|*nsiciou payable in respect of any one parcel shall m no case exceed the limit of
insurance iieivinnfu-r mentioned.
4. («) Parcels containing watches, jewellery or any other articles of gold or silver cannot be
sent bv parcel post unless insured for at least part of their value. . .
(A) Parcels containing coin cannot be accepted for transmission by parcel post even
^(c) inv parcel posted uninsured and found to contain any of the above named articles will
be returned to the sender bv the Island Postmaster or his deputies.
ll) \ ,---mpii!*>rv registration fee of irp. will be collected on the deliver* or every uninsured
parcel receive I from o'ther administrations and found to contain any of the above namea articles.
Order of High Commis–
sioner in Conncil No. 326
of the lst February 1921,
puplisbed in Gazette No.
1469 ot the 4th February,
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