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Question II.—(continued.)
(I.) W h a t quantity of Water is available for
each Patient every day?
W h a t is the source of the Water supply ?
W h a t is the quality ofthe Water*.
(II.) Detail the arrangements as to Baths
and Lavatories.
(III.) W h a t is the system of Sewerage; and
what the condition ofthe Privies?
General Hospital.
I. The quantity of water is limited, but sufficient.
The source is a well dug in the Hospital ground.
Quality good. A n additional supply has been laid on by
a service pipe from the P.W.D pumping station. .
II. There are two full length enamelled iron baths, one for
male wards, one for female.
T w o closets for male patients. T w o pails in oue.
T w o closets in Female patients. One pail »n each.
III. Night soil pails cleaned several times daily
used freely, and the privies frequently white washed.
General Hospital.
I. The quantitv of water is practically unlimited .
The source is the town aqueduct.
Quality is good ; but the way the water is conducted is
primitive, causing it very often contaminated.
II. There is a bath room for each male and female department,
with one full length bath in each.
III. Drainage of waters through cimented conduits into a
ditch closed suitably ; closed ordinary system, two for
male and two for female patients, cleaned daily; the
closets are separate from the main building and are
reached by a roofed passage.
General Hospital.
I. The water supply is sufficient.
Source the town water-works.
Qilality good, but hard.
II. One bath.
III. There is no sewerage. Dry earth lajrines are used.
General Hospital
I. The quantity of water is unlimited.
Source a fountain 6^ miles distant, brought in by an
Quality good.
II. There"are lavatories and zinc baths and the retu&t water
is carried away when necessary.
Drv earth latrines are used and the contents thrown
daily into the sea. There is no sewerage.
General Hospital,
The quantitv is pracrically unlimited
The source is derived from the town supply.
The quality is very good.
There is one bath room and one full-sized bath.
There is no sewerage. Closet system, cleaned daily.
General Hospital.
Quantity of water is sufficient.
Source the town aqueduct and a well in the hospital
Quality good.
There arc two lavatories and two
baths and the
refuse water is carried away when necessary.
Ill There is no sewerage. The closet system cleaned twice
a day.