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X V U I . O n what conditions are remissions of im–
prisonment granted .
X I X . Have Coroner's Inquests been held on every
occasion of a death in prison daring the past year ?
and what were the results ?
X X . 1. What was the sanitary state of the prisons
during the year .
2. What were the prevailing diseases J
X X I . What are, shortlv. the rules a? to Diet ?
Extra Diet allowed to prisoners earning and
keeping 1 or 2 Badges.
Sundav ...
Fridav ...
25 drams Olives.
i :50 drams Bulgur.
( 10 drams Olive-oil.
j 1 cup (Turkish) Coffee.
( 1 muir of Tea.
Prisoners of good behaviour and industrious in labc
sentenced to not less than two years are, if males, af
three-fourths, or, if females, after two-thirds of th
term of imprisonment has expired, recommended to 1
High Commissioner for remission of their sentence; wi
or without, Ticket of Leave.
The District Medical Officer certifies as to the cai
of death. Yes.
A n inquest was held on every occasion by the Co
missioner (Coroner) of the District on convicts who
of any causes other than execution viz.:—on
(1) Convict Mustafa Lattif who died at the Pap]
Prison on 23rd January, 1921. (2) Convict Mehr
Ismail Boviadji who committed suicide at Cent
Prison on 29th February, 1921. (3) Convict Must
Hassan who was murdered by a fellow convict at Cent
Prison on 28th May, 1921. (4) Convict Kypris Soft
who died at the General Hospital, Nicosia, on 9th Ju
1921. (5) Convict Ramadan Mertjian w h o died at
General Hospital Nicosia, on 26th July, 1921.
Spyros Yorghi who died at the Famagusta Hospi
on*4th August, 1921, and (7) Convict Ramadan Osn
who died at the General Hospital, Nicosia, on h
August, 1921. (8) Convict Iasoni Yianni, was execvi
at the Limassoi Prison on 14th June, 1921. (9) Con*
Mehmet Ali Hassan was executed at the Central Pri
on 28th June, 1921. (10) Convict Costi Yorghi C
demeniotis was executed at the Kyrenia Prison on
July, 1921. (11) Convict Haralambo Nicola Engk
was executed at the Paphos Prison on 25th Octol
Verdict in cases 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7, "Natural deatl
in case 2, " Suicide " and in case 3, "Murder" for wl
the accused was sentenced to 15 years imprisonm
with Hard Labour. In case 8 to 11 no inquest
held, but the Medical Officer certified in each case t
death was due to " Dislocation of Vertebral neck'
consequence of execution.
Central Prison, Nicosia .. .. Very good.
Rheumatism, malarial fever, diarrhoea, diseases oi
digestive and respiratory system, influenza, dysent
dyspepsia, diseases of skin, syphilis, gonorrhoea, coi
pation, hernia, colic, febricula, anemia, glands in
neck, bronchial catarrh, epilipsy, debility.
DlETABY No. 1.
( 250 drams Bread
"| 25 ,, -Cheese
3 dars
1 dav
1 dai
250 ,, . Bread
60 ., Fresh Vegetables
10 j. Oil
250 ., Bread
75 .. Cooked meat free of bone
50 .. Rice before being cooked
250 ., Bread
50 ., Buigur or Bakla
10 ,, Oil
D I E T A R Y NO. 2.
The tame as Dietary No. 1 with the addition of 50 drams
Bread for each convict.
DlETABT No. 3.
Daily 250 drams of Bread,
One day 40 drams olives,
next day 60 drams fresh Vegetables as directed in Dietary Ni
DlETABT No. -..
Punishment diet for all prisoners.
noil*, t 200 drams Bread
""W | Water, Unlimited
In addition to above, fresh fruit in limited quantities ma}
supplied when so ordered by the Medical Olficer of the Pris
also extra diet of in drains olives ami 10 drams raisins
supplied once a week. i-t.. raisins on Tuesdays and olives
Satuniavs to all long »eutence male run! female prisoners du*
ihc months when no fruit is ri»w.