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K a m a ot Body and
ondex which established.
Powers aad Daties.
Sources of ReTenue,
Municipal Commission.
Nicosia. The High Com–
missioner in Council under
"The Municipal Councils-
Law, 1885 "
Municipal Commission
Morfou." The High Com–
missioner in Council under
" The Municipal Councils'
Law, 168o "
The geaeral superintendence and control of the town in the manner laid d o w n b y the
Turkish Law, by " The Municipal Councils' Ordinance, 1S82," and " The Municipal
'* Councils' Law, 1885," in which last-named enactment the powers and duties of
Municipal Councils are more particularly defined a-t follows :—
It ia the duty of every Municipal Council— ..;
. -..
T o keep all roads, streets, squares and public places within the Municipal limits clean
and in good repair, and sufficiently drained, lighted, and clear of obstructions. .
T o provide for the removal of all night soil and refuse from every house within the
Municipal limits.
T o provide that all drains, urinals, privies and cesspits within the Municipal limits
shall be so constructed and kept as not to be a nuisance or injurious to health.
To prevent any trade or business from being carried on within tbe Municipal limits in
• such a manner as to be injurious to public health, or a source of public danger.
T o prevent the accumulation in any public or private place within the Municipal limits
of anyfilthor refuseTOas to be dangerous to the public health, and to take measures
_ for the abatement of any public nuisance arising from any public or private cesspool
or drain, or otherwise. .-*..._
T o provide, or cause to be provided, a good and sufficient supply of water for the use of
persons dwelling within the Municipal limits, and to keep, or cause to be kept,
cleansed and in good repair all public fountains, drains and aqueducts, and to
preserve the same from contamination.
T o provide slaughter-houses and to regulate the slaughter of animals within the Muni–
cipal limits. "•' •-•.'•• ""
T o provide for the inspection of a Uflesh,fish,vegetables and other provisions exposed
-'• for sale within the Municipal limits, and to seize and destroy all such provisions as
are unfit for h u m a n food. *.*.;
Generally to do such acts as m a y be necessary for the conservancy of the town, and
preservation of the public health therein..*
It is lawful for every Municipal Council to administer its affairs under the supervision
of the Government, to dispose of its monies and to undertake all or any of the
following things: _,;., -
T h e paving, or improvement of any street or public place within tbe Mnnicipal limits.
The establishment and regulation of markets.
• ..•*•„.
The allotment of special places within the Municipal limits for the carrying* on of
particular trades dealing in perishable goods. — • .?. --v-jr^is"";Jyy*.**:>??*•.-..-.>.. ..*--.
The construction and maintenance of public urinals and privies, ashpits and receptacles
for the temporary collection and deposit of •rabbi*^^*.--*"-*'^
**?* .-'
T h e fixing of the weights by .which household bread exposed for sale is
-'within Municipal limits,'and pro-riding that it shall not be" sold otherwise than
b y weight - - ~ v
-£-'• • • \-y .**""J---7J..^yi.f/l'"*.
".. .
It is lawful for every Municipal Council, with the consent of the High Commissioner
in Council, to undertake all or any of the*following thiftgs: .*.
The arrangement and execution of general plans for the widening and straightening
of roads and other public places within the Municipal limits.
The building of public buildings, quays, piers, docks, or other public works -within the
said limits.
The establishment, maintenance and regulation of hospitals, dispensaries, poor-houses
and other philanthropic establishments.
Generally the doing of anything which m a y tend to promote the comfort and con–
venience of the people residing within the" Municipal limits. " •
Every Municipal Council has the power, subject to the approval of the High
T o take the proceedings prescribed by tue L a w asainst persons
or offensive trades without the consent oi the '"'
is in
(1). Wich respect to the level,
for the drainage thereof.
• and construction of streets, and the provisions
ceisr.oo'S in connection wr.h biddings kept'for h u m a n habitation, and tu the closin"*-
cr bu::«;ngs or parts or bnildiu-.- naSt for h u m a n habitation and to the prohibition
or meir use for such habitation.
A m o n g the sources of'
revenue of Mmii
palities are the folJ
Fees on the slaughter!
of animals, rates for!
stallage and pickle'
in the markets, rates!
011 trades and profes-i
sions,rates on build.'
ing-permits, fees ou^
legalisation of con-'
tracts, fees for*
storage of petroleum
and* lucifer matches,;
fines and . penalties!
from prosecutions |
under Municipal!
Laws, fees for weigh-'
ing and measuring 1
nnder L a w No. J?.!
of 1884, rents of;
Municipal proper-!
_ties, paving-rates,!
. sale of Municipal
property^<fcc.,and, in
the case of Limassoi, 1
a tax/?oh~'the oc-|
cupiers and renters |
of immoveable pro-j
perty "within
Muuicipal limits
Commissionur, to make bye-law* for the carrying out of all or anv of the
objects hereinbefore mentioned, -ind fcr the fixing and regulation of the follow–
ing rates and fees to be received by the Corporation.
The fees to be taken for the slaughtering of animals at any Municipal slaughter-house.
The rates to be paid for stallagel-ad pickage in the Mnnicipal markets.
The rates to be taken in respect of trades and professions carried on within the
Municipal limits, hitherto k n o w n as trade rates.
The rates on the issue of permits for building within the Municipal limits and the fees
taken on the legalisation of contracts within the Mnnicipal limits.
It is the duty of every Municipal Council—
To deal with nuisances in the manner provided by the L a w . '
carrying on noxious
--e Municipality.
To take the proceedings prescribed by the Law, when ahy building or wall. etc.
a ruinous state and dangerous to the public.
Kvery Municipal Conncil may make bye-laws to res-elate the carryine on of
rftenr've trek, business or tsar.sf.u.-tu-e established with their consent."
Every Municipal Coa-tcil m a y m a k ; bye-Iuws with sesoect to the following matters,
taac a to sav :—