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Question III.—(continued).
C. In reference to the above Table, state whether or not
the Register Books were produced on every occasion;
and if not, on how many occasions they were uot so
produced ?
II. And if on any occasion when they were examined, they
were found not to be properly made up to date ol
III. State also how many Reports of the following kinds have
come under the notice ofthe High Commissioner:—
(a) Reports of a Fiuancial and Statistical kind,
especially such as show the system on which
Money and Store Accounts are kept and audited.
(b) Reports by Persons charged with the immediate
management of the Hospital.
(c) Reports by a Government Inspector, independent
of the Governing Authority of the Hospital.
(Append copies of his Reports, if any.)
For Xicosia Hospital.
1. Always produced when required.
II. Always found made up to date.
III. (a) Monthly financial reports for the Nicosia Hospital
are forwarded by tho Chief Medical Officer to the
R eceiver-General
(b) None
(c) None.
Lm-naca (same as above with exception III. (a) as shown below)
accounts for
forwarded bv tho District Medical Officer to the Hon.
Treasurer. Larnaca Hospital.
all other Hospitals.
(same as above with exception III. (a) None.)