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Question II.—(continued.)
Police and General Hospital 7
I. T h e quantity of water is unlimited. V^-iC ..."
'*"*."• T h e source is a well dug-in the Hospital ground.
Quality good.
•, i"--
-"- .-*•'*
II. Baths on premises.
III. Closet system, cleaned several times daily; no proper
drains on premises but the refuse water is carried
away as often as required. '•-..-. .
;.-•-•«.•.•- • General Hospital. 1
•*.:-.I. T h e quantitv of water is practically unlimited.
The source is the town aqueduct, but all water used
-.;.•' .*.*:* has to be carried by donkey there being n o supply at
the""Hospital. '"•'
'•.*'""",-:*";' " •*•_"
.:':. Qualitv is indifferent.
. • * . . . . • - • • * • •
. .
- . . . .
There are no arrangements
as to baths and lavatories
O n e small tin bath aud one full sized bath are used
w h e n required. .-.•'-'
.;"- ""'
III. There is no system of sewerage. T h e dry earth system
is used in the privies. Dirty water, &c, is thrown out
on tiie open space at some distance from the hospital.
-..- .
- '•. . .....General Hospital.
'7- I. T h e water, supply is sufficient. 7<7
Som-ce the town water-works. '77.
Qualitv good, but hard. - * 2..-
II. There are no baths or lavatories.
III. There is no sewerage. Dry earth latrines are used.
Police Hospital.
I. The quantity of water is unlimited.
Source a fountain 6-| miles distant, brought in by an
Quality fair.
II. N o bath or lavatories.
III. Drv earth latrines are used and the contents thrown
dailv into the sen. There is no sewerage.
General Hospital.
I. Tho w.:ter supply is unlimited.
T h e source a fountain in the town.
Qual iry good.
II. O n e full-sized bath, in use when requnea.
111. Then; is no sewerage. Dry earth latrines are used. '
The same answers for Police Hospital except that there
is nn bath.
Police Hospital.
I. Quantity of water is unlimited.
Sour•_•? "the town aqueduct.
Quality good.
II. The patients wash their lands and faces in basins in the
hospital, but w h e n baths are required and the patients
are able to walk, they --re sent either to the sea or to
the Turkish Bath.
III. There is no sewerage. T h e dry earth system is in use
in the privies.