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'•* VIII Ifaoi,.(a)durihgwhat:periodsof
imprisonment*, (h) in respect of« what
claasas. of* prisoners, (c) and* during
how many hours, is such penal labour
enforced? In stating hours of tread-
wheel labour, give,first,the total time •
on and off at the wheel, &c.; secondly,
the length of spells and intervals of
See-answer to question N O J V L
(«). During all periods of imprison–
ment in the Central Prison.
(b). All classes of prisoners in the
Central Prison excepting those sen–
tenced to imprisonment only.
(c). The usual number of hours for
aday's-labour to complete-lflf^OOO re–
VIII. W h a t kind of labour, other
than penal labour, is in use? •*
IX. If* the prisoners are employed
beyond'the walls of the. gaol, state—
Stone-breaking,road-making, weav–
ing, shoe-making,-tailoring, iree-
planting, cotton-spinning carpenter–
ing, collecting salt, cooking, washing,
dyeing, watering Government plan–
tations, labour on under
the Government Engineer, win–
nowing, storing, shipping tithe grain
and sack making. Masonry and
Tinsmiths work. Weaving. Basket-
making. Manufacturing Carpets,
White-wash brushes and Stockings.
1. Q n whac kind of work .they, are
so employed?.
Road-making and repairing roads,
tree-planting, building, cleansing
public offices, collecting salt, watering
Government plantations, storing and
shipping tithe grain, and quarrying