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[143. ]
Amount of Fees
the Year lo»6-'J7
in Sterling Value.
Whether the
Principal be
allowed a Eouse
for his p e m a a i
Besidence; or
what Allowance.
If any,
for House Rent
Whethor the Offlo* be held by Principal
iu eoajaactloa with anj-, and
what other Civil. Military, ur Xaral
Offloe. or Appouitm-mt.
or Plaoa of Profit, in any Colour, or
on the K/rtablUhment of the
Coi tod Kingdom.
If tha OS«e be hold by n. Military or
Xar.-t,; Oictr. wluthi-r u ^ n
Pull or Half itilitiiry or X A T I M P..}-,
tho Total Amount ot Pay and
Jjilo-rmnoM of
entry U n d actually roe-*'vo**, by
him in addition to the Produ ot hit
Period during
Whether the Principal Date of First
vhich the , enjoy any, aad what other j
Officer has been
Advantage or Profit,
Absent from
duty on half-pay;
.-—. c darin-,* the not required to be itatod in
Year 1S96-97
the preceding Columns.
••• •••
••• •••
under the
lst April,
. 1896 (4)
lst August,
1-it Decem–
ber, 1885
12th Novem–
ber, 1896
23rd April,
REMAR KS—continued.
(Jt) Previous service in Gold Coast Colony, Lagos and British Bechuanalaud, counting towards pension.