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IMPORT DUTY—continued.
All goods imported for the Government of Cyprus to be used iu the public service
and dulv certified as so imported by the Chief Secretary to Government.
All Military Stores imported by tier Majesty's W a r Department and duly certified
as such by the Officer to w h o m they are consigned.
All goods imported for the use of the High Commissioner and duly certified by the
High Commissioner to be so imported.
All articles of Military equipment imported by and for the use of auy Officer of
Her Majesty's land forces.
Goods and Stores of every description supplied under contract with Her Majesty's
W a r Department for the public use of Her Majesty's laud forces, duly certified as such
by the principal Commissariat Officer, such certificate to be countersigned by the Chief
Secretary to Government.
. *.,
Uniforms of Public Officers and professional robes of Legal or Judicial Officers in
the employment of Her Majesty's Governmeut, provided that such uniforms or robes are
introduced for the personal use only of such officers, and have beeu duly autborized.
Fire-arms for the personaiuse of Officers of Her Majesty's Xaval and Military
Paving stones imported by Municipal Councils in the Island to be used for tbe
paving of streets within the Municipal limits, and duly certified as so imported by the
President aud Cashier of any Municipal Council.
Vats, and staves and hoops for use in constructing casks and vats.
Microscopes and all microscopical and other apparatus or appliances for purposes
of investigation and scientific research.
Gymnastic apparatus, mathematical and generally all other instruments used in
schools for educational purposes, which are imported for the use of schools.
Agricultural implements, atlases and maps, anchors and chains (ships'), bark,
boats, charcoal, church furniture, and ai tides which are ouly to be used in tbeNmilding
andfittingup of churches aud mosques and vestments and other articles necessarily used
for religious services, coals, empty casks and sacks, fresbfish,gold bullion and specie, ice,
lime, medicines and medical appliances, pitch and tar, printed books, resin, sawdust, silk
worms' eggs, sponges taken by licensed boats, stationery, printing paper, sulphur, timber
heivn or rough sawn, wheat, barley, oats, vetches,fiour.chopped straw, cotton seed, fodder
for cattle; and the following articles for use in the manufacture and examination of wine,
viz. : grape and raisiu crushers, separators, wine presses, wine pumps, winefilters,gauging
rods, testing stills, hydrometers, saccharometers, gypsometers, mustimeters, acetimeters.
ebullios*:opes, sulphur syringes, and the following article? of machinerv;—
Machinery for canting, spinning, weaving aud finishing tbe manufacture of fibrous
material, and cards for such machinery, machinery for telegraphic purposes, printing
machines an.l presses, typo aud type machinery, type writers, sewing machines, kuittuur
machines, locomotive engines, railway plant, machinery f.-.rsreainboar.**-. niii!*? and foundries",
steam boilers and engines of every description, steam i;.*iier plates and tubes, grating bars,
tile and brick making machinery, machinery to be used in the cutting and manufacture of
tobacco, punching, shearing, plate bending, plate cuffing-, rivetting. drillimr. boring, planin",
shaping, slotting, screw making, sawing, tenoniug. mortising, moulding, rebating, tongueing
and grooving machines, lathes, file cutting, engraving, bolt makiug. rivet makiiig, aud
washer making machines, machinery to be employed in the manufacture of ice, machinery
for the manufacture of mineral waters, diving apparatus, weighing machines, pumps and
otber apparatus for raising water, winnowing. fhre*-hinr. c o m rail's aadflourdressta-'
machinery, grain separators, oil presses, hydraulic. l-:-*-or, screw or cam presses, cranes',
derricks, crab-winches, screw and other lacks.
All the machinery above stated, either whole or in parts, a= also their fittings,
connections ;• nd gearinsr.
Dutiable article-, that have rreriojtslv :*•!*: •
are re-imported not later than oue'yaar after exv.'-r
Book-binding Machines.
from Cyprus, prov ded hey
...- :u:
Law No. X. ot
Order ia Couacil
No. 262 of 25th Aug.,
l>06. Gazette No.
•>2.i. lltii Septem Mr,
W'i-.-Vi auy Import Duty sUall have been uaid iu re voce --•- .--i-r xt-'<"* --'"•' p ^
liquor-*, tobacco, cigars, or article, of food "sap: 11:d for the us* of a n V - w e V o n
boaru auv ot Her Majesty s ships of war. a drawback vi the amounc of tin-- uutv so ivid
may oo ailoweu. or u su-li good, are shipped fryni th; Cu.-t.uus s:*jre before payment of
duty, tuo amouiiL of such auty m a y be remitted on -he !,roduc:iou of a c*r:iiie-. te from
the proper olr.c-:i* ot Customs tout such goods have been actuallv shipoed on board one of
Ucr .\la-e=ry s ships, a receipt from the Paymaster of
.c!i shin for the good., and a
written under:;.:-:.!-;
I M U J tht
Paymaster or .other proper othc-or of such shin tlia: if such
goods or any th-root ,uad be at any cixc re-lauded, the dutv shall be paid theroou.
lu l:eu ot dr-iwb-ick or impure duty paid in
-sp=« of anv win-, spirits, male liquors
reft pitrnrs nr I H T . - J I M nf fn._.X :.. -...l -_ i ...i
. .
Order in Council
No. 267 or 15th Jan.,
1397. Gazette No.
536 of 22nd idem.
Ordinance No. IX.
of 18S2.
tobacco, cigars or articles of food imported and subsr
a-.-utly actually consumed or used bv
s, fixed money allowances are paid out of the Island Treasurv
H e r Meiesty 5 Land Force u x m
u 01 cu i i ua x i
to tbe Ofc.-rs and Soldiei*s of H e r Majesty's Land Forces quartered wichin the Island.